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Lady Primrose

Tryst Body Cream

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The LadyPrimrose body cream is top-of-the-line.  It's decadent and elevated.  This rich cream is unlike any other product on the market and is a special creamy formula exclusive only to Lady Primrose that glides on softly and luxuriously as an ultimate retreat for your skin.  

Tryst body cream comes in the iconic Lady Primrose body cream jars!  These unique and stylish jars featuring beautiful silver lids are exclusive to Lady Primrose and inspired by the Victorian-era replicas of Victorian antiquities from that era.  The lids are nickel-plated and tarnish-free which means they will last forever!  A keepsake!

  • This body cream is infused with the Tryst scent
  • Good for all skin types | Locks in moisture | Use day and night for best results
  • Vitamins C & E, peptides increase collagen levels, brightens skin
  • Vitamin E supplies anti-oxidants and replenishes skin
  • Anti-oxidants and collagen builders help ease dryness and erase wrinkles producing younger, softer & more supple skin
  • Beautiful keepsake packaging with a tarnish-free, nickel-plated lid suitable for engraving
  • Reuse jar when empty for your own special treasures or collectibles! 
  • 5 ounces


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