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We are working with some amazing designers. Unfortunately, there is no standard size chart.  However, there are a few simple steps you can take to help you figure out what size would work best for you.  Use the information below to help you find your correct size.  If you need any assistance please email us at


Band Size: Using a cloth measuring tape, measure under the bust and across your ribcage.   Make sure to keep your measuring tape straight around the back to front. The tape should be snug, not tight.  If you get an odd number or half number, round up to the next whole number to get your band size.   Whatever number you get here, in almost all cases will need to be rounded up to the nearest even number. So if the measurement is 33 than you would just round up to 34.

Cup [Breast] Size:

This is where it gets tricky...if you already have a bra on and everything is in the cup and it’s comfortable, you’re done. [Do not have on a padded bra during this step.] If not, then let’s continue.  Using a cloth tape, measure across your nipples at the widest part of your breasts. If the number falls betweens two numbers, then round up to the next.  

Now take your band number and subtract it from the breast size.  The difference is the number we use to get your "cup" size. [ex. Heres the math: Breast (42) - Band (34) = Cup Size  (8").  Every inch equals a cup.  In this example, 8" is an H cup.                                                      



USA 8-10, 34 Band 10-12, 36 Band 12-14, 38 Band 14-16, 40 Band
UK 12-14, 34 Band 16-18, 36 Band 20-22, 38 Band 24-26, 40 Band
France 42, 90 Band 44, 95 Band 46, 100 Band 48, 105 Band



Suspenders should be ordered by natural waist measurement.  Using a cloth measuring tape, wrap around your natural waist to get your correct measurement.

USA 29"-30" 31.5" - 33" 34.5" - 36" 37"- 39"
EUROPE 73.5CM - 76CM 80CM - 84CM 87.5CM - 90CM 93.5CM - 97CM





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