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Lady Primrose

Celadon Dusting Silk Shaker

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The Lady Primrose dusting silks are satiny delicate powders that naturally soften and soothe while delicately perfuming your skin with finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers blended with silk and plant extracts.

The Celadon dusting silk powder comes in the elegant Lady Primrose shakers which have been statement pieces for years!  These dusting silk glass shakers are unique to Lady Primrose inspired by Victorian-era cut glass featuring beautiful silver toppers that will cascade the dusting silk for you once gently shaken.  The toppers are nickel-plated and tarnish-free which means they'll last forever!

  • Dusting silk powders are TALC FREE
  • Finely crushed chamomile and marigold flowers blended with silk and plant extracts featuring a Celadon scent.
  • Naturally absorbent, satin finishing powder
  • Softens and soothes while delicately perfuming the skin
  • Good for all skin types and perfect for everyday use
  • Eco-Friendly, biodegradable, no animal testing
  • Guests of Cayo Espanto Resort in Belize enjoy Celadon
  • Celadon dusting silk powders also available in powder jars and body brushes 
  • Dusting Silk Refills are available and sold in the Lady Primrose Organza sachet bags
  • 4 ounces and 7" tall


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