What are the TRUTHS & MYTHS about wearing lingerie? They're too many to list, so, we'll just list a few.


“My husband doesn’t care if I wear beautiful lingerie.”

Myth...This is a statement we hear a lot from our female clients.  However, our male clients have voiced something completely different.  Our male clients have told us they like seeing the woman in their life in something a little frilly and sexy. 


“That’s for new brides or single women, not us old married types.”

Myth...Beautiful lingerie is for every woman.  Wearing beautiful lingerie makes you feel good about yourself and helps bring out the femme fatale in every woman.  Consider it the second layer of your beauty.  The first being your inner self.


“I have no one to wear beautiful lingerie for.”

Myth...Wear it for yourself.


“As a fuller busted woman, my only option is functional.  Pretty is only for the smaller woman.”

Myth...This is the biggest myth out there for the voluptuous woman.  You can have pretty, beautiful, sexy and function in your lingerie.  You just need to know where to look. 


“Pretty, Beautiful, Sexy and Functional are friends”

Truth...Pretty, beautiful and sexy lingerie is not a myth, but a reality.  There are several designers catering to the voluptuous woman.“


"Support can be beautiful”

Truth...Support for the voluptuous woman doesn’t mean she has to sacrifice her femininity.  She can still have a beautiful, sexy bra and not worry about it being able to support her.  Lingerie designers have made sure to include wider straps and heavy straps while adding lace and embellishments found in bras for smaller women.


“Beautiful Lingerie is a Confident Woman’s Secret”
Truth...Confidence and great self-esteem start from within.  When you feel good about yourself it shows.   Confident women don’t rely on others to make them feel good about themselves.  They do what ever is necessary to make themselves feel good and wearing beautiful lingerie means you care about yourself...you like yourself.