Boudoir Essentials


Selecting a gift of lingerie for your wife, girlfriend or lover, should be just as enjoyable as seeing her in it.

Buying lingerie is not as intimidating as most men fear. It’s actually quite easy. If you follow a few simple steps, you will increase your chances of a memorable thank you from the recipient.

1) What Size Is She?

The first step in becoming proficient in purchasing lingerie, is knowing her size. If you aren’t sure of her size, look in her lingerie drawer. When she’s not around, become a spy. Find her favorite bra and knickers, note the designer and the size.

2) What's Her Style?

The first thing to remember when figuring out her style is, she’s wearing the lingerie, not you. If you're not sure what she likes, go back to her lingerie drawer and her closet. There are several different styles of bras [balcony, plunge, full cup, triangle] and you need to get what she likes. The same advice holds true for knickers. There are several options [high-waisted knicker, shortie, thong] and it’s important that you get what she likes. If you don’t see a thong in her lingerie drawer, don’t buy one.

3) Color Matters

The third most important thing to consider when selecting a gift of lingerie is the color.  

Most women have a selection of bras and knickers in the basic three colors: black, white and nude.  They also have a set(s) in their favorite color.  The third color option requires you to put on your detective hat again and go to her lingerie drawer or closet.  What color do you see a lot of? For example, if you see a lot of pink, yellow or blue, that’s your answer.   If you don’t see lavender, orange or green, don’t get those colors.  

When it comes to loungewear and sleepwear, it’s always best to go with her favorite color.  If you don’t know her favorite color, you can also use the method of selecting something based on the most popular color in her wardrobe.  You can also do a print.  When it comes to a print, we suggest looking at her home decor for clues to the types of prints she likes.  Does she like abstract, florals, stripes or animal prints?  Combine her favorite print along with her favorite color to select the perfect loungewear or sleepwear.

Remember, the gift is for her and if you make the right selection, you’ll also reap the rewards.

4) More Options

When men talk about lingerie, they only think bra, knickers and suspenders. Which is correct. However, there are a few other categories, that should be considered...loungewear and sleepwear. These two categories offer amazing options...robes, gowns, nighties, babydolls pajamas, sleep shirts and kaftans. And if she loves hosiery, you might want to try a selection of stockings and stay-ups. Or a flirty pair of boudoir slippers.

We love a bra and knicker set, but don't forget you have options that are just as sexy for your eyes and comfortable for her.

5) When In Doubt, Ask For Help

Selecting a gift of lingerie, loungewear or sleepwear for the woman in your life can be exciting.  If you’re new to lingerie shopping and need assistance making a selection, feel free to contact us and one of our lingerie stylists will be delighted to help you.  

We want you to make a selection that will delight her so you can reap the benefits of gifting her with something she loves.