Bra sizing has become the newest trend. Right up there with what’s your FICO score? Finding your correct bra size can be overwhelming and I’m not talking about the math. Once you do the math and know what your real bra size is, is when most women go into shock. Those that haven’t been as blessed are surprised to see they are a little fuller than they imagined. And those who have been abundantly supplied, realize just how blessed they are. No matter how blessed you are, you need to know your size.

Determining your size is very simple. You don’t need a degree in rocket science nor a calculator. All you need is cloth measuring tape, a pen, a slip of paper and a size chart. And your best fitting bra.

First things first...put on your best fitting bra. The one that holds everything in with nothing poking out of the top or sides. If you’re sagging a little, pull the straps until your breasts are aligned in the middle of your chest.




Using a cloth measuring tape, measure under the bust and across your ribcage. Make sure to keep your measuring tape straight around the back to front. The tape should be snug, not tight.  If you get an odd number or half number, round up to the next whole number to get your band size. Whatever number you get here, in almost all cases will need to be rounded up to the nearest even number. So if the measurement is 33 than you would just round up to 34.


This is where it gets tricky...if you already have a bra on and everything is in the cup and it’s comfortable, you’re done. [Do not have on a padded bra during this step.] If not, then let’s continue.  

Some women carry their fullness in the lower half of their bosom (like a teardrop shape), whereas others are full all over (like a redwine-glass). 

Where you’re full can affect cup size, so, again with the tape parallel to the floor, make sure to measure at your fullest point. If the number falls betweens two numbers, then round up to the next.

Now take your band number and subtract it from the breast size.  The difference is the number we use to get your "cup" size. [ex. Heres the math: Breast (42) - Band (34) = Cup Size  (8").  Every inch equals a cup.  In this example, 8" is an H cup.                                                      


Subtract your underbust measurement from the breast measurement. Each inch difference between the breast and underbust measurements equals one cup size. So 1” over is cup A, 2” over is cup B, etc. For example, an underbust size of 28” subtracted from a bust measurement of 32” is 4”, which corresponds to a D cup. Therefore, the bra size is 32D.

Remember, it’s not about a number– it’s about the fit. And just like clothing, bra sizing varies significantly by brand and style.


No two brands cut the same. So it is imperative that you try on every bra, before purchasing. Exception, you’re replacing one you already have.

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