If your lingerie could talk, what would it say about you? Okay, let’s try this. What if you were in an accident and rushed to the hospital. Would you be embarrassed at what your lingerie looked like? Even worse, would you miss out on impressing a hot single medical professional?

I grew up in a time when little girls were told you had two sets of underwear, not lingerie. Your everyday panties were a package of white cotton. And your fancy panties were pastel-colored and embroidered with the days of the These utilitarian signs of femininity were packaged in a thin plastic pouch. When you received one of these precious packages, you were given very specific instructions…”Don’t wear them out of order.”

Fast forward to adulthood. You may not be wearing Days of the Week Panties anymore, but for some women, that mentality is still there.

I have encountered quite a few women who are meticulous about their outer look. They spend hours coordinating their outfits. Some women go as far as to not leave home without being adorned in a complete head-to-toe designer look. Yet, when asked about what’s underneath, they skirt around the question.

When I was in high school, the girls' locker room was the other fashion show. It was a big deal to reveal a matching bra and panty set. Somewhere along the way as we got older, we adopted a “whatever” attitude about our lingerie. Since we’re being honest. There have been days when I slipped up and what was underneath was a hot mess. I attribute those moments to laundry days.

Back to my original question. What does your lingerie say about you? I’m not talking about boudoir attire, because that’s a different category.

I’m talking about your everyday delicates pre-pandemic. Because for the past two years we’ve all pretty much been relegated to pajamas, loungewear, sweats or yoga pants.

Let’s be real, the past couple of years wearing a bra was considered formal attire. And the only formal events on our calendars have been weekly supply runs and the occasional medical appointment. We have forgotten we deserve to wear beautiful or nice lingerie daily. We've grown accustomed to using the pandemic as an excuse to get lax in our lingerie wardrobe.

I challenge you to evaluate your lingerie wardrobe and discover your lingerie personality. Are you Sweet and Innocent? Sassy? Sexy? A Minimalist? Romantic? If you’re not sure about your lingerie personality, look at your wardrobe. Your ready-to-wear holds the answer to your lingerie style. Stick close to your fashion style when selecting lingerie and you won’t go wrong.


Images courtesy of @Liberte, Liberte.com 

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