I think we need to adjust your attitude about lingerie.  Personally, I’ve adapted a French woman’s attitude about lingerie.

French women regard lingerie as one of their beauty secrets.  They consider it  lazy not to wear a coordinating bra and knicker set.  Coordination is key.  Some say, French women steer away from bright colors and only opt for the classics: black, white, nude, and soft or muted colors.  However, I’ve noticed quite a few French lingerie houses are breaking the traditional color rule and offering bold colors and trims.

Our French sisters go a step further and match their lingerie to their pret-a-porter.  If a French woman is wearing pink, she’ll wear a pink bra and knicker set underneath.  If she’s wearing a print, her bra and knickers will be one of the colors in the print.  

Here’s a challenge.  It may take a while and a small invest, but will definitely be worth it.  Add   color to your lingerie wardrobe.  Navy for navy and not black.  Red for red, not black.  Trust me, there is nothing more distracting than talking to a woman wearing red and her black bra is making an appearance.  And whatever you do, never ever wear black lingerie under white,  wear white or if need be, nude or flesh-tone.

French women are so chic, they have even mastered the art of coordinating their makeup.  Yes,  that means you need to invest in a blush and lip color wardrobe as well.

Our French sisters also consider it classy to let a little lace show. It’s looked upon as classy to give a glimpse of your lingerie.  I’m not saying you need to wear something see through.   But if you happen to lean forward, or your blouse or sweater slips off your shoulder and a little lace gets exposed, don’t freak out.  Embrace it.  Remember, you’re a classy French woman and you ooze natural sex appeal.

Since we’re becoming French, at least in our thinking about lingerie, here’s the big one.  Wear lingerie every day.  French women, no matter the age or size, make it a point to invest in and wear nice  lingerie.  French women know how important it is to embrace their femininity and to pamper themselves. It’s been noted that French women spend approximately twenty percent [20%] of their income on lingerie. 

French women don’t relegate their lingerie to the boudoir for seduction, or wear it only on  special occasions.  They wear beautiful lingerie, because they feel they deserve to.  They also know something the rest of us don’t, wearing beautiful, coordinated lingerie makes you walk differently.  Before I adapted the French woman’s aesthetic about lingerie, I grabbed a bra and a pair of knickers and called it a day.  The funny part about that is, I sold lingerie for a living.  I would often buy bras without coordinating bottoms, because there wasn’t a style I liked.  That meant I had quite a few orphaned or mismatched  pieces.

For every bra, you need to have at least two types of knickers.  Why?  Because there are different waist heights and fits of clothes. If you’re wearing low-rise trousers or jeans, you need low-waisted knickers.  If you’re wearing something that fits close to the body, you might opt for a thong, skimpy knickers or even a shaper.  FYI…even if you’re wearing a shaper, opt for one that coordinates with your bra.  Lingerie designers are not only offering coordinating shapers in their continuity collections, but in their fashion lines as well.  So you can still be coordinated and sculpted. 

French women, also sleep in nightwear that is just as feminine as what they wear under their clothes.  Even their loungewear is beautiful.  It’s not unusual for a French woman to lounge around in a beautiful silk or satin robe; or sleep in a silk, satin or lace baby doll, chemise, gown or pajamas.

French women believe you should have an abundance of nice lingerie and replenish twice a year.  I love their thinking.

It’s time to adjust your lingerie attitude.


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