I love parfum. Pure parfum is an indulgence sort of like buying expensive shoes. Parfum is a delicate, decadent, treat that can entice, seduce, mesmerize and sedate anyone in it’s presence. Any item that powerful requires special care which most women don’t realize. Like most women I discovered I had been storing my parfum, eau de parfum, cologne and eau de toilette, in a careless manner.

Prior to gaining a little knowledge, I proudly displayed my “fragrances” on my dresser facing the window. A window that welcomed in a lot of light towards the end of the day. Not good. In a sense, I was was boiling my parfum. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but I was abusing my fine fragrances.

Did you know....

Storing your fragrances in direct light, especially sunlight, it can change the chemical makeup and the color of your fragrance.

Humidity...the bathroom, more like the steam from the shower isn’t good. Your fragrances don’t like sharing their space.

So what’s a girl supposed to do?

Keep your fragrances in their original containers with the tops tightly closed to avoid exposure to air. Oh, and here’s another tip. Spray bottles are better...cuts down on the chances of dirt, dust or air sneaking in and gives your fragrances a longer shelf life.

Display them, but somewhere away from the sun and a tray on your night table or a shelf in your closet. Two great options.

Good news, as long as the fragrance has been stored properly, your fragrance can last years...just like an expensive pair of shoes.

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