I have a confession.  I’ve been a natural hair girl for three plus years and I just got my first silk pillow case.  I hear all of my natural hair girls yelling.  I know I should have gotten one sooner.  In my defense, I have been sleeping in a silk scarf for years, so I get a few points.

Why switch up now?  I know sleeping on a silk pillowcase is huge in a lot of cultures for minimizing the damage to your hair.  However, I was shocked to learn of the benefits to your skin. 

Let me clarify, I sleep on high thread count cotton sheets.  Yes, I’m that person that splurges on her sheets.  I can testify there is a difference in how they feel against your body and how they effect your sleep.

I have been wanting to offer silk pillow cases and came close not doing so last year. Earlier this year, Christine Lingerie, known for their quality silk loungewear and sleepwear pieces introduced a new product…silk pillow cases.  Familiar with their quality, it was a no-brainer for us to place an order.  But before we could share them with our customers, we needed to try them.

I have spent the past couple of weeks testing out Christine Lingerie’s silk pillow case.  I slept well the first night.  I thought that may have been because I was exhausted.  But the following three nights, I noticed I didn’t move around that much in my sleep.  My face felt very soft.  I have to be honest, I avoided my favorite water mask at night, because I didn’t want it to rub off.  I’m convinced I slept better.

The main test was my hair.  I abandoned my favorite silk scarf.  During this experiment, I was wearing a twist out.  The first few nights, my hair was in a flat twist.  I woke up with very little frizz.   Then I took the twists out.  My hair had little frizz and it was easy to restyle the following morning. 

I’m sold.  I will be adding a silk pillow case as part of my hair and skin routine.

Here’s a little information about the Christine Lingerie silk pillow case.

Here are five anti-aging benefits of sleeping on silk:

1.) Prevents skin and hair dehydration: Silk is less absorbent than other pillowcase fibers, helping your skin and hair to retain moisture and keep your expensive skincare products where you want them – conditioning your face, not absorbed by your pillowcase.

2.) Reduces Friction: Your skin will glide on silk, helping to reduce friction which can cause stress, tugging and pulling on your delicate facial skin, resulting in pre-mature aging. For a soft and smooth, frictionless slumber, sleep on silk.

3.) Promotes gorgeous locks: The friction reduction that comes with sleeping on silk will also help to prevent bedhead and breakage while prolonging any gorgeous blowout.

4.) Reduces facial sleep creases: As we age, our skin looses elasticity causing sleep creases to be more pronounced, eventually becoming permanent over time. Sleeping on silk will prevent and reduce these creases from happening. 

5.) Improves quality of sleep: The incomparably smooth sensation of silk upon your skin lends itself to a heavenly, peaceful slumber. If you struggle with sleep deprivation, sleeping on silk is a lullaby that lends itself to washing away the day and falling into a deep, regenerative sleep that will leave you feeling well rested, recharged and looking and feeling your best.

If you aren’t sleeping on a silk pillow case, I encourage you to try it.  I’m sure your hair and face will appreciate it.


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