You're a modern, successful, sophisticated woman without a significant other or special someone at the present.  However, Valentine's Day is one of you favorite holidays. You believe in indulging yourself. I like how you think and agree, you should make yourself blush this Valentine's Day.  The details of how you desire to achieve that, is up to you.  

However, we have a few suggestions that center around silk and lace.  

For a relaxing evening in, try the Nudwear short silk kimono alone or with a matching silk slip.

Or pair the kimono with one of our lingerie sets. 


Or if you're a little daring, go for the Nudwear black lace robe.  

But if you're planning on something a little dramatic, the Serian wasp and garter or Inira cage bra and thong set by Orchid Corsetry is what you need.


Whatever you choose, we are here to help make you blush.


 Images courtesy of Mimi Holliday, Nudwear and Orchid Corsetry


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