It’s that time of the year and when everyone should be basking in  the euphoria of love.  However, along with that euphoria, also comes dread.

The dread is a result of pressure.  Pressure to live up to love fantasies.  Men really feel this pressure.  Having just come off the biggest gift season of the year, now they’re being asked to prove to people who they have no relationship with, how much they love their partner.

I’ve been in the gift business a while and know from experience the pressure associated with Valentine’s Day.  It’s brutal and the only way to avoid it is to embrace it.  Let me clarify, this isn’t a selling ploy.  It’s advice.  You can say Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter to you or that your partner doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day.  I’m here to tell you, that’s not true.  Everyone wants to be recognized on Valentine’s Day, they just don’t want to admit it.  Omission eases the pain of not having  someone to spend the day with or expect a gift from. 

Here’s the solution.  Take control.  If you have a Valentine who’s nonchalant about Valentine’s Day, then it’s time for you to step up and take charge.  You make the dinner reservation and plan the romantic rendezvous.  You buy the lingerie or parfum and send it to them with a note that says, “I did the hard part.”  Your partner will be relieved they aren’t in trouble and grateful you took the lead.  Or, you can order from The Pink Duchess and we’ll send the package to your partner with a  simple note, “For your Valentine.”  They won’t have to know you picked it out yourself.

The other reason people are a little ambivalent is fear.  A couple of weeks after

Christmas, we’re inundated with images of romantic couples who look nothing like you.  You want the sexy nightie, slinky gown or lingerie set, but aren’t sure your size is available.  Don’t freak out.  This is the perfect time to establish a relationship with a lingerie boutique like The Pink Duchess.  

Our Valentine’s Day Collection is filled with lingerie to accommodate sizes medium to 3Xlarge.  Each gift of lingerie is shipped gift wrapped with a special treat.  

Your attitude about Valentine’s Day is about to change.  Here’s your to do list. Take charge.  Select your gift and send it to your partner or leave the box where they will see it.  

We have you covered with a few options.


Images: Top Left, Marjolaine, Middle left: Marjolaine, Middle Left, Katherine Hamilton, Bottom Left: Marjolaine

Images Courtesy of Marjolaine and Katherine Hamilton

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