It’s still not too late to make plans or get a gift for Valentine’s Day.  Don’t worry, we have a few ideas for you. 

We have the perfect last minute Valentine’s Day gift…a gift card.  This is the perfect gift for any occasion. Your gift shopping can be locked up in a few steps.  

First, click the link Gift Card.  

Second select the amount you want to send your Valentine.  

Third, enter recipient’s name and email.  Or, print the ecard, put it in a card or small box and hand deliver.  

Fourth, write a note.  

Valentine’s Day Date ideas.  If you haven’t made plans, here’s a few suggestions.

Dinner at home…turn your dining room into your favorite restaurant.  Keep it simple with white linens and your best china and crystal.  Order your favorite food and grab a bottle of your favorite wine and champagne.  

At Home Massage or Spa Night…order in your favorite massage products…don’t forget to order some towels and candles.  After your massages, enjoy a glass of champagne and a sweet treat.

Movie Marathon…This one can be a little tricky.  First inclination is to only watch rom com or love stories.  Watch what you like an enjoy the evening.

Read A Steamy Book…or whatever suits your taste.  If you’re inclined, act out some of the scenes.  Frame this event with your favorite music.

Old-fashioned Make Out Session…familiarity and comfortability with your partner sometimes makes you forget how romantic a good make out session can be.  

These date ideas not only work for Valentine’s Day, but any date night.  Happy Valentine’s Day.




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