We have been introduced to a new couture lingerie collection and are excited to share it with you…Emma Harris Lingerie

We love lingerie and we really enjoy working with brands that offer beautiful pieces for curvier figures.

Couture is the highest level of design and having that option in lingerie is a special treat.

When I lived in New York…my other hometown…I had the opportunity to be fitted for two couture bras.  I couldn’t believe this world existed…couture lingerie.  This was a while back and the cost for two custom silk tulle bras with underwire was going to cost me approximately seven hundred dollars.  Two things stopped me from moving forward with the purchase…at the time I couldn’t justify the price.  I was trying to place too much effort on making the bras last a lifetime and no lingerie is going to do that.

I let over-thinking prevent me from the ultimate lingerie buying experiences…couture lingerie.  I still remember one of the questions the fitter asked.  “In the next few years do you think you will gain or lose weight?”  I found that to be a little odd, but it made sense.  She needed to know how to build my bra…for weight gain or weight loss.  The other interesting thing was the length of time required to construct the pieces.  Here to for, I bought off the rack.  The closest I came to waiting for a bra was waiting for it to be transferred from one store to the other or waiting for it to be shipped.  I was being asked questions I never considered when purchasing lingerie.

For the record, it was going to take a few months to get my bras.  Why?  It was being made by hand in a very small atelier with quite a few orders ahead of mine.  The other reason for the delay in receipt, these delicate silk tulle bras were not going to see a sewing machine.  I would also get a fitting before the completion of my garment.

Fast forward.  I sell lingerie and know more and can appreciate couture lingerie.  This appreciation is one of the main reasons I seek out brands that will accommodate curves.  It is also why I am excited about EMMA HARRIS LINGERIE.  

I like that the brand hand makes everything to order, like the fine European Couture Lingerie houses. [FYI…the number of couture lingerie ateliers would surprise you.]

I also like the brand because I can relate to their business beginnings.  Claire Emma Harris started out designing ready-to-wear.  The Pink Duchess, started out as a ready-to-wear boutique.  However, we never strayed far from our lingerie roots.  I always sold lingerie in my brick and mortar spaces.  

I would love to be a designer but that’s not where my talents lie.  Unlike Claire who is a naturally skilled technical designer, and perfectionist who pushes boundaries with pattern cutting and sewing expertise. I can barely cut a straight line with a pair of shears and a cutting guide.

Claire has the rare ability to perform all tasks within a design and manufacturing environment to an extremely high standard.  Dedicated to reintroducing artisan sewing techniques to the luxury lingerie market, she trains and teaches those skills to her team.

Derbyshire, England, is the historical heart of the UK’s textile industry and home of the EHL atelier.  The atelier is a 19th century lace mill over two floors.  The building has strong associations with Cluny lace, the last remaining Leavers lace mill in England.  All facets of EHL are handled in house.

The EHL team is small but more than qualified in all facets of the design process.  They are committed to perfecting each design.  Working in a space that once manufactured lace & lingerie is a huge bonus

Let’s talk about the lingerie…beautiful…feminine…sexy…flirty and a must have addition to your lingerie wardrobe.  

Emma Harris Lingerie designs convey timeless elegance with a vintage feel.  The pieces and collections are inspired by the Art-Deco and Art-Nouveau movements.  A time when women proudly embraced their femininity.

EHL, the brand doesn’t carry any stock and all orders are handmade to order…couture…bespoke within just a few working days.  Each piece is labour intensive, with hand sewing and complex seam structures regularly featured. French seams, pin hems and delicate topstitching echo throughout the collections, along with many other sewing techniques developed over the years. Luxury fabrics are sourced with consideration to washing and wear.

The extensive size range is carefully fit tested to ensure not only a good fit, but one that is uniformed throughout the collections.

We are in love with the Signature Collection.  There are an assortment of basics which are anything but basic.  We’re starting our relationship with Emma Harris Lingerie with the Signature Collection.  Our pieces of choice are the slip in Sky, Steel and Gold.  The Soft Bra and Skirted thong; the Half Padded Plunge Bra and Skirted Brief; and suspender all in Sky and cream lace.

Lingerie is changing and the way women wear it is changing.  No longer beholden to basic colors and shapes, women are selecting lingerie that resembles their ready-to-wear.

Emma Harris Lingerie gives women the opportunity to create their version of basic lingerie in their of choice fabric and colors for their size.

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