…Restocking my Lingerie Wardrobe Part One

I started The Pink Duchess because I couldn’t find pretty bras in my size.  I have been blessed with a full bust.  I’m a UK34HH with a sister sizes 36G, 32I and 38F.  I know it sounds confusing, but bra sizing is like shoe sizing.  You don’t have just one size.  You have a couple.  Why?  Because there is no universal sizing system.  So you might be a size seven in Manolo Blahnik, but an eight in Christian Louboutin and a six and a half in Prada.  These really are my shoe sizes in case anyone feels lead to send me a pair of shoes.  

This same strange sizing holds true for bras.  You might wear a 34H in Louisa Bracq, but have to go with one of your sister sizes in Katherine Hamilton and Liberte.

I sell lingerie, but I am also one of my customers.  My lingerie wardrobe…let’s get a quick lesson in lingerie terms.  Lingerie refers to bras and knickers…panties…briefs.  Women don’t wear underwear, men do.  If you’re like me, I was raise to think lingerie compromised of everything except bras and knickers and it was only for special occasions.   After spending several years in intimate apparel sales, I quickly learned there was a difference.  For the sake of this article, when I speak about lingerie I’m talking about bras and knickers.   

Let’s be real here.  During the pandemic and shelter in place order, I haven’t always had a bra on.  Like you, I found it a little freeing.  However, I do have to leave the house to pick up  necessities and I know the people around me would really prefer I not be so free.

I invest in quality lingerie and take very good care of it.  I rarely machine wash and if I do, I use a laundry bag, delicate wash and the delicate cycle.  My lingerie does not go into the dryer.  This method has gotten me several years out of my pieces.  But like anything else, all good things come to an end.  And a few of my bras and knickers have been put to rest.  Which puts me in the same situation as some of my customers.  I need to go shopping.

You would think because I sell lingerie, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to restock my lingerie wardrobe.  Unfortunately, that’s not true.  I have the same issue as some of my clients.  The only difference is, I have been working with these brands long enough to know where to start looking to restock my lingerie. 

I implore the tips I suggest my clients use when helping them restock. 

First start with the brands you are familiar with and replenish your basics.  Most brands have a core collection that repeats every season.  Usually in black, white, nude and a couple of seasonal colors.  Once you replenish the basics it’s on the fashion pieces.  You have options.  Fashion pieces from your favorite brands and then on to new brands.

This round of replenishment I want to try the lines I recently added…Katherine Hamilton, Liberte and Louisa Bracq.  Although these are lines I carry, sometimes there are styles that aren’t available in my size.  I had my eye on a beautiful berry colored set by Katherine Hamilton that I really wanted.  I generally order my pieces when I’m placing the store’s order.  We recently set up a different selling model, so I don’t order like I used to.  By the time I remembered to order the set for myself, it was too late.  My sized was gone.

So what am I going to order for myself?  Before I place any orders, I need to do an inventory.

Here’s what I’m considering: 


Top Row Left to right: Louisa Bracq-Serie, Louisa Bracq-Paco; Katherine Hamilton-Grace. Second Row Left to right: Liberte-Bowery Mesh; Katherine Hamilton-Olivia; Liberte-Bowery Lace.  Headline: Louisa Bracq-Julia 

Images: KatherineHamilton.com, LouisaBracq.com and @Liberte,liberte.com.  Headline: LouisaBracq.com


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