“I don’t need lingerie.”  I hear this from my clients all the time and it’s not true.  You wear lingerie every day.  You’ve just been calling it underwear.

Over the years, I’ve had several women tell me they don’t need lingerie.  Unfortunately, quite a few women consider that lingerie is only to be worn on special occasions, or only in the boudoir.  That’s not correct.

Lingerie is a French word derived from the word linge…meaning linen.  I find that ironic, since most lingerie is created from silk, satin, and lace.  There are other materials, but most is made from these three.

In all my years running The Pink Duchess, I’ve heard a variety of reasons not to buy lingerie.  It saddens me to say that I’ve heard more reasons to not buy than to buy.  Some of the reasons for not buying are:

“I sleep alone and no one will see it.”

“My husband likes me naked.”

“My boyfriend says it gets in the way.”

“I’m waiting until I get married before investing in lingerie.

“My husband or man doesn’t care what I wear to bed.”

The only thing those statements have in common is the fact that they are answers to the wrong reason for not wearing lingerie.  Those are the answers women give when they associate lingerie as special occasion dressing.  

Lingerie isn’t just for special occasions.  Lingerie is the French term for women’s underwear.  Somewhere along the way, it seems women everywhere except in France got a memo that lingerie isn’t for you, but for your lover.  Unfortunately, here in the United States, lingerie has been classed as something a woman only wears for seduction.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   Lingerie is what a woman wears every day. 

You wear lingerie, scratch that, you wear fine lingerie because it’s your right to pamper yourself.  Somewhere along the course of our adult life, we forgot that pampering ourselves wasn’t limited to a mani/pedi and the once a month trip to the hair salon. Adorning your body in lingerie is your hidden beauty secret.  Deep down, you know wearing a little silk and lace feels good and makes you feel a little sexy and feminine...even if you’re wearing sweats.

What is your reason for not investing in nice lingerie?

Photos: Header, Top Left [Cotton bro@pexels.com]; Right Middle: [Dainis Graveris@unsplash.com; Bottom Left: [Tubarones Photography@pexels.com]

(Excerpt from Building Your Dream Lingerie Wardrobe by Tracy Reed)

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