What’s your Valentine’s Day Style?  All women like to think they are just like everyone else when it comes to Valentine’s Day lingerie, but they aren’t.  As much as you may think you’re a seductress, you really are more of a Chic Homebody.  Here’s tip for shopping or gifting lingerie for Valentine’s Day…be true to yourself and know who you’re giving it.  Remember, you can still be comfortable and sexy no matter what your size.  The Pink Duchess has lingerie and loungewear in sized Medium to 3XlLarge.

Chic Homebody:

You don’t want to go out.  Instead, your idea of the perfect Valentine’s evening is staying home, relaxing and letting the evening run it’s course.  The perfect look is red silk pajamas by Marjolaine.   





Glamour Queen:

You dress up every chance you get. Glamour is your middle name.  You only have one, no two people to impress…yourself and your partner.  This red silk body hugging gown from Marjolaine makes your expectations known for the evening.





Sweet and Sassy:

You look sweet but you’re really a little sassy.  Your preferred look is either a short nightie or a long lace gown.  You opt for soft colors and delicate lace to showcase your curves and femininity.






Your lingerie speaks volumes.  Your partner will know what your intentions and desires are for the evening the moment they see you in this red lace pearl accented bra and thong set by Bracli



Images courtesy of Marjolaine and Bracli

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