The Florist Is Your Best Friend

The Florist Is Your Best Friend

Why is the florist your best friend or secret weapon?  This person, other than your favorite Lingerie Stylist at The Pink Duchess, is here to help you. 

Like lingerie, flowers are very personal.  Giving the woman or women, I say women because there are generally several women you should be showering with flowers...your mother, wife or girlfriend, daughter, and grams.  There might also be a special aunt or female co-worker or another female who hold dear.  Whoever is on that list, it's important to know what they like.   Unlike lingerie shopping where you can snoop in her drawer, gifting flowers will require you to ask.  

When it comes to flowers, most women will be excited to receive any type of floral arrangement, because flowers are considered a thoughtful gift.  However, when you go the extra step and send or give her the flowers she likes, it shows you are very thoughtful. 

FUN FACT: Not every woman likes roses.  As impossible as it sounds, there are some women who get excited with a bouquet of carnations, daisies or sweet peas.  Then there are the ones  who love peonies, lilies or tulips.  The bottom line is, you need to ask the recipient what she likes. 

I hear you saying, "If I'm doing all the hard work, why do I need a florist?”  They have access and in some cases, they’ll remind you of certain days that should be celebrated with flowers. Or they will call you when they get a shipment of your lover's favorite flower so you can gift them with a surprise bouquet.  

TO DO: Find florist and develop a relationship. Make a list of all the women you want to gift with flowers and include their favorite flower.  Include their birthday and any other special occasion to be celebrated with flowers.  While you’re at it, figure out what your favorite flower is.  You never know when one of the women on your list will gift you with a bouquet.


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