Creative Ways To Relax With Your Partner

Creative Ways To Relax With Your Partner

Finding time to relax with your partner has become one of those things that sometimes gets pushed to the bottom of your to do list.  We blame the day to day demands of life for neglecting our partner and our own self-care.  Couple Time is a precious and integral part of any relationship.  It’s during this private time, you’re able to reconnect and remind each other of what attracted you to each other.  An amazing romantic vacation would be the perfect place to relax and reconnect, but some times that’s not possible.  We’ve come up with a few creative ways to relax with your partner that don’t you can do at home or a local boutique hotel.  

Here's a list of our favorite creative ways to relax with your partner:

  • Couples Massage...order a bottle of massage oil and treat each other to an evening of massage.  Add some candles to enhance the ambiance.
  • Cook dinner together or take virtual cooking class
  • Wine your favorite wine store and have them send over a half case of wines for you to try.  Make it interesting, tell them to cover the labels and challenge each other to figure out what your tasting.
  • Movie night...Netflix or if you're trying score points, Hallmark or Passionflix
  • Bubble Bath and Conversation...we got you covered here with the bubble bath, the conversation is up to you.  If done correctly, this could lead to a more intimate exchange.
  • Picnic...order food in and spread a blanket outside or inside.  Mix it with wine tasing and you're in for a very relaxing evening.
  • Read a book...sounds boring, but it depends on the book.  We suggest starting with LOVE NOTES. A poetry book for showering your partner with adoration.
  • Take a sounds boring, but our lives are so busy, that we forget to slow down.  Snuggle up on the sofa or bed and let your body and mind rest.  
  • Play a board game...go old school  Break out that Monopoly or Scrabble box or try something a little saucier with Les Petit Bon Bon.

Whatever your pleasure, find something you and your partner can do to relax and re-charge.

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