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Tropical Paradise Black Bag

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his discreet Little Black Bag of romantic essentials are ideal to tuck away for a weekend getaway or romantic staycation. Each Little Black Bag contains a delightful play powder, sensual feather duster, fragrant massage candle, and a delicious massage oil. These petite boudoir collections are designed to enhance the romantic experience, making them a perfect gift for a bridal shower or honeymoon carry-along.

Tropical Paradise includes:

  • 1 oz. travel-size bottle of Coconut Creme Kissable Massage Oil. The luscious flavor and aroma of fresh coconut drizzled over a partner’s skin to savor the pleasures of the body
  • 2 oz. Plumeria Massage Candle, the exotic fragrance of tropical Plumeria in full bloom. This travel-size massage candle is made from soy, coconut, olive and avocado oils
  • Tropical Paradise Kissable Body Powder is a combination of cornstarch, tapioca starch, arrowroot powder, confectioners’ sugar infused with a delicious Mango/Coconut fragrance, tucked into in a beautiful little satin bag
  • Hand-crafted Marabou style tickle feather 


  • Details: Coconut Creme Kissable Massage Oil: Coconut Oil, Fragrance; Tropical Paradise Kissable Body Powder; Plumeria Massage Candle: