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Shelley Kyle

Sorella Linen and Body Powder

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Our Sorella Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free is perfect for smooth, dry skin and all-day freshness and fragrance. Made with natural ingredients, it’s ideal for use on your body, as well as on your bed linens for overnight freshness as well. Our subtle Sorella fragrance combination lingers and refreshes your senses for a calmer mind.

Green, White Floral
Gardenia, Tuberose
Floral, Musk



What it is:

A flirty and refreshing linen and body powder made with talcum powder for a healthier way to maintain soft and healthier-looking skin.

What it does:

The Sorella Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free is perfect for use directly on your skin, and as a freshener for your bed linens. It helps absorb moisture and soften your skin, and leaves a beautiful floral scent that lingers throughout your day (or night)!

What it does NOT contain:

Talcum powder


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