Adina Reay is a brand we have been in love with for quite some time.  We are delighted to finally introduce you to this amazing brand.

Adina Reay is the go-to label for women sized 28DD to 38G who desire exciting design, with a modern sexier fit.

If you're a woman with fuller breasts, you have probably gone shopping hoping to buy a pretty bra and knicker set, only to discover you had limited options. Most designers or larger department stores rarely carry sizes above a G cup.  And the back or band options are also limited.  Color options are usually limited to black, white and nude.  Occasionally, you might find pale pink.  Embellishment is not even an option.

Adina Reay is the anti- typical fuller bust brand.  Founded by Sharon Lake, who  set the brand up after being fed up with the lack of choice and imagination in the Fuller Bust market. Sharon gathered a small team of committed lingerie experts to help bring her vision to life, and set about disrupting the industry with the message that fit shouldn't compromise or dictate how you look and feel.  Amen to that.

Adina Reay create lingerie that looks delicate and luxurious yet which is expertly engineered to support large sizes, the brand has gained a steady following since their launch in 2013. When Selfridges opened the now-famous Body Studio, they turned to Adina Reay’s “Fran” collection to highlight the best of DD+ lingerie in their advertising campaigns.


The brand uses the highest quality laces, embroideries, silks and tulles to craft collections that are free from fuss and frills, allowing the directional cuts and quality finishes to shine through. The styles are developed to fit the whole size range without making alterations to strap widths, cups or wing depths. So, the bra you see in 28DD really is the same bra you get in 38G. So here's how they are breaking the rules.  They offer: slimmer straps, narrower backs and sides, and much less invasive coverage. Their cutting edge designs are out-there fabulous. 

To this day the label is run as a passion project with the same small team. Adina Reay is  an independent brand opening up a new aspirational sector within the DD+ market.

We hope you will add Adina Reay to your lingerie wardrobe.  



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